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Problems: 285 (total), users: 81889, attempts: 1350260, correct: 747106
ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
DNA Counting DNA Nucleotides 47240
RNA Transcribing DNA into RNA 42118
REVC Complementing a Strand of DNA 38175
FIB Rabbits and Recurrence Relations 22017
GC Computing GC Content 22171
HAMM Counting Point Mutations 24879
IPRB Mendel's First Law 14721
PROT Translating RNA into Protein 19503
SUBS Finding a Motif in DNA 19850
CONS Consensus and Profile 10968
FIBD Mortal Fibonacci Rabbits 9371
GRPH Overlap Graphs 8956
IEV Calculating Expected Offspring 8464
LCSM Finding a Shared Motif 7719
LIA Independent Alleles 4493
MPRT Finding a Protein Motif 4787
MRNA Inferring mRNA from Protein 7316
ORF Open Reading Frames 5676
PERM Enumerating Gene Orders 9907
PRTM Calculating Protein Mass 9480
REVP Locating Restriction Sites 5988
SPLC RNA Splicing 6671
LEXF Enumerating k-mers Lexicographically 5542
LGIS Longest Increasing Subsequence 2451
LONG Genome Assembly as Shortest Superstring 2735
PMCH Perfect Matchings and RNA Secondary Structures 2671
PPER Partial Permutations 3638
PROB Introduction to Random Strings 3616
SIGN Enumerating Oriented Gene Orderings 3620
SSEQ Finding a Spliced Motif 3983
TRAN Transitions and Transversions 3892
TREE Completing a Tree 3221
CAT Catalan Numbers and RNA Secondary Structures 1099
CORR Error Correction in Reads 1736
INOD Counting Phylogenetic Ancestors 2375
KMER k-Mer Composition 2623
KMP Speeding Up Motif Finding 2089
LCSQ Finding a Shared Spliced Motif 1836
LEXV Ordering Strings of Varying Length Lexicographically 2928
MMCH Maximum Matchings and RNA Secondary Structures 1330
PDST Creating a Distance Matrix 1938
REAR Reversal Distance 917
RSTR Matching Random Motifs 1471
SSET Counting Subsets 2198
ASPC Introduction to Alternative Splicing 1398
EDIT Edit Distance 1325
EVAL Expected Number of Restriction Sites 1100
MOTZ Motzkin Numbers and RNA Secondary Structures 686
NWCK Distances in Trees 841
SCSP Interleaving Two Motifs 814
SETO Introduction to Set Operations 1716
SORT Sorting by Reversals 693
SPEC Inferring Protein from Spectrum 1333
TRIE Introduction to Pattern Matching 1037
CONV Comparing Spectra with the Spectral Convolution 848
CTBL Creating a Character Table 481
DBRU Constructing a De Bruijn Graph 874
EDTA Edit Distance Alignment 877
FULL Inferring Peptide from Full Spectrum 605
INDC Independent Segregation of Chromosomes 693
ITWV Finding Disjoint Motifs in a Gene 339
LREP Finding the Longest Multiple Repeat 468
NKEW Newick Format with Edge Weights 527
RNAS Wobble Bonding and RNA Secondary Structures 477
AFRQ Counting Disease Carriers 587
CSTR Creating a Character Table from Genetic Strings 313
CTEA Counting Optimal Alignments 334
CUNR Counting Unrooted Binary Trees 304
GLOB Global Alignment with Scoring Matrix 635
PCOV Genome Assembly with Perfect Coverage 631
PRSM Matching a Spectrum to a Protein 455
QRT Quartets 250
SGRA Using the Spectrum Graph to Infer Peptides 396
SUFF Encoding Suffix Trees 340
CHBP Character-Based Phylogeny 167
CNTQ Counting Quartets 177
EUBT Enumerating Unrooted Binary Trees 163
GASM Genome Assembly Using Reads 352
GCON Global Alignment with Constant Gap Penalty 385
LING Linguistic Complexity of a Genome 205
LOCA Local Alignment with Scoring Matrix 411
MEND Inferring Genotype from a Pedigree 268
MGAP Maximizing the Gap Symbols of an Optimal Alignment 218
MREP Identifying Maximal Repeats 185
MULT Multiple Alignment 227
PDPL Creating a Restriction Map 241
ROOT Counting Rooted Binary Trees 253
SEXL Sex-Linked Inheritance 449
SPTD Phylogeny Comparison with Split Distance 179
WFMD The Wright-Fisher Model of Genetic Drift 351
ALPH Alignment-Based Phylogeny 125
ASMQ Assessing Assembly Quality with N50 and N75 277
CSET Fixing an Inconsistent Character Set 136
EBIN Wright-Fisher's Expected Behavior 291
FOUN The Founder Effect and Genetic Drift 276
GAFF Global Alignment with Scoring Matrix and Affine Gap Penalty 315
GREP Genome Assembly with Perfect Coverage and Repeats 212
OAP Overlap Alignment 190
QRTD Quartet Distance 88
SIMS Finding a Motif with Modifications 226
SMGB Semiglobal Alignment 193
KSIM Finding All Similar Motifs 85
LAFF Local Alignment with Affine Gap Penalty 187
OSYM Isolating Symbols in Alignments 139
RSUB Identifying Reversing Substitutions 103