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Problems: 285 (total), users: 50971, attempts: 858133, correct: 482890
ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
BA10A Compute the Probability of a Hidden Path 339
BA10B Compute the Probability of an Outcome Given a Hidden Path 289
BA10C Implement the Viterbi Algorithm 180
BA10D Compute the Probability of a String Emitted by an HMM 143
BA10E Construct a Profile HMM 94
BA10F Construct a Profile HMM with Pseudocounts 84
BA10G Perform a Multiple Sequence Alignment with a Profile HMM 41
BA10H Estimate the Parameters of an HMM 60
BA10I Implement Viterbi Learning 49
BA10J Solve the Soft Decoding Problem 51
BA10K Implement Baum-Welch Learning 35
BA11A Construct the Graph of a Spectrum 80
BA11B Implement DecodingIdealSpectrum 56
BA11C Convert a Peptide into a Peptide Vector 85
BA11D Convert a Peptide Vector into a Peptide 79
BA11E Sequence a Peptide 45
BA11F Find a Highest-Scoring Peptide in a Proteome against a Spectrum 47
BA11G Implement PSMSearch 45
BA11H Compute the Size of a Spectral Dictionary 38
BA11I Compute the Probability of a Spectral Dictionary 37
BA11J Find a Highest-Scoring Modified Peptide against a Spectrum 29
BA1A Compute the Number of Times a Pattern Appears in a Text 697
BA1B Find the Most Frequent Words in a String 852
BA1C Find the Reverse Complement of a String 811
BA1D Find All Occurrences of a Pattern in a String 735
BA1E Find Patterns Forming Clumps in a String 559
BA1F Find a Position in a Genome Minimizing the Skew 556
BA1G Compute the Hamming Distance Between Two Strings 610
BA1H Find All Approximate Occurrences of a Pattern in a String 538
BA1I Find the Most Frequent Words with Mismatches in a String 431
BA1J Find Frequent Words with Mismatches and Reverse Complements 378
BA1K Generate the Frequency Array of a String 342
BA1L Implement PatternToNumber 384
BA1M Implement NumberToPattern 348
BA1N Generate the d-Neighborhood of a String 391
BA2A Implement MotifEnumeration 332
BA2B Find a Median String 307
BA2C Find a Profile-most Probable k-mer in a String 333
BA2D Implement GreedyMotifSearch 265
BA2E Implement GreedyMotifSearch with Pseudocounts 219
BA2F Implement RandomizedMotifSearch 177
BA2G Implement GibbsSampler 157
BA2H Implement DistanceBetweenPatternAndStrings 211
BA3A Generate the k-mer Composition of a String 401
BA3B Reconstruct a String from its Genome Path 369
BA3C Construct the Overlap Graph of a Collection of k-mers 314
BA3D Construct the De Bruijn Graph of a String 337
BA3E Construct the De Bruijn Graph of a Collection of k-mers 306
BA3F Find an Eulerian Cycle in a Graph 231
BA3G Find an Eulerian Path in a Graph 183
BA3H Reconstruct a String from its k-mer Composition 183
BA3I Find a k-Universal Circular String 138
BA3J Reconstruct a String from its Paired Composition 134
BA3K Generate Contigs from a Collection of Reads 142
BA3L Construct a String Spelled by a Gapped Genome Path 112
BA3M Generate All Maximal Non-Branching Paths in a Graph 97
BA4A Translate an RNA String into an Amino Acid String 270
BA4B Find Substrings of a Genome Encoding a Given Amino Acid String 191
BA4C Generate the Theoretical Spectrum of a Cyclic Peptide 187
BA4D Compute the Number of Peptides of Given Total Mass 104
BA4E Find a Cyclic Peptide with Theoretical Spectrum Matching an Ideal Spectrum 136
BA4F Compute the Score of a Cyclic Peptide Against a Spectrum 110
BA4G Implement LeaderboardCyclopeptideSequencing 108
BA4H Generate the Convolution of a Spectrum 108
BA4I Implement ConvolutionCyclopeptideSequencing 76
BA4J Generate the Theoretical Spectrum of a Linear Peptide 112
BA4K Compute the Score of a Linear Peptide 95
BA4L Trim a Peptide Leaderboard 83
BA4M Solve the Turnpike Problem 52
BA5A Find the Minimum Number of Coins Needed to Make Change 410
BA5B Find the Length of a Longest Path in a Manhattan-like Grid 337
BA5C Find a Longest Common Subsequence of Two Strings 416
BA5D Find the Longest Path in a DAG 274
BA5E Find a Highest-Scoring Alignment of Two Strings 358
BA5F Find a Highest-Scoring Local Alignment of Two Strings 305
BA5G Compute the Edit Distance Between Two Strings 371
BA5H Find a Highest-Scoring Fitting Alignment of Two Strings 231
BA5I Find a Highest-Scoring Overlap Alignment of Two Strings 214
BA5J Align Two Strings Using Affine Gap Penalties 220
BA5K Find a Middle Edge in an Alignment Graph in Linear Space 151
BA5L Align Two Strings Using Linear Space 133
BA5M Find a Highest-Scoring Multiple Sequence Alignment 153
BA5N Find a Topological Ordering of a DAG 88
BA6A Implement GreedySorting to Sort a Permutation by Reversals 242
BA6B Compute the Number of Breakpoints in a Permutation 263
BA6C Compute the 2-Break Distance Between a Pair of Genomes 168
BA6D Find a Shortest Transformation of One Genome into Another by 2-Breaks 40
BA6E Find All Shared k-mers of a Pair of Strings 176
BA6F Implement ChromosomeToCycle 95
BA6G Implement CycleToChromosome 90
BA6H Implement ColoredEdges 82
BA6I Implement GraphToGenome 66
BA6J Implement 2-BreakOnGenomeGraph 60
BA6K Implement 2-BreakOnGenome 45
BA7A Compute Distances Between Leaves 108
BA7B Compute Limb Lengths in a Tree 97
BA7C Implement AdditivePhylogeny 67
BA7D Implement UPGMA 61
BA7E Implement the Neighbor Joining Algorithm 54
BA7F Implement SmallParsimony 48
BA7G Adapt SmallParsimony to Unrooted Trees 30
BA8A Implement FarthestFirstTraversal 81
BA8B Compute the Squared Error Distortion 78
BA8C Implement the Lloyd Algorithm for k-Means Clustering 72
BA8D Implement the Soft k-Means Clustering Algorithm 66
BA8E Implement Hierarchical Clustering 65
BA9A Construct a Trie from a Collection of Patterns 203
BA9B Implement TrieMatching 180
BA9C Construct the Suffix Tree of a String 141
BA9D Find the Longest Repeat in a String 166
BA9E Find the Longest Substring Shared by Two Strings 157
BA9F Find the Shortest Non-Shared Substring of Two Strings 124
BA9G Construct the Suffix Array of a String 165
BA9H Pattern Matching with the Suffix Array 82
BA9I Construct the Burrows-Wheeler Transform of a String 190
BA9J Reconstruct a String from its Burrows-Wheeler Transform 157
BA9K Generate the Last-to-First Mapping of a String 85
BA9L Implement BWMatching 119
BA9M Implement BetterBWMatching 111
BA9N Find All Occurrences of a Collection of Patterns in a String 123
BA9O Find All Approximate Occurrences of a Collection of Patterns in a String 95
BA9P Implement TreeColoring 42
BA9Q Construct the Partial Suffix Array of a String 99
BA9R Construct a Suffix Tree from a Suffix Array 70