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Last win: JPH vs. “Longest Increasing Subsequence”, 2 minutes ago
Problems: 285 (total), users: 55616, attempts: 935483, correct: 525447
ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
INI Introduction to the Bioinformatics Armory 4037
DBPR Introduction to Protein Databases 2266
GBK GenBank Introduction 1397
FRMT Data Formats 1460
MEME New Motif Discovery 641
NEED Pairwise Global Alignment 793
TFSQ FASTQ format introduction 908
PHRE Read Quality Distribution 552
PTRA Protein Translation 785
FILT Read Filtration by Quality 424
RVCO Complementing a Strand of DNA 671
SUBO Suboptimal Local Alignment 278
BPHR Base Quality Distribution 300
CLUS Global Multiple Alignment 250
ORFR Finding Genes with ORFs 437
BFIL Base Filtration by Quality 264