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We are currently running Bioinformatics Algorithms massive open online course on Coursera. You can read the course materials now on Stepic in the form of a new interactive textbook that includes automated programming challenges and real genetic datasets. The code challenges for this book can also be found as a collection of exercises in the Bioinformatics Textbook Track location.

Last win: alexanbl vs. “Finding a Motif in DNA”, just now
Problems: 228 (total), users: 16366, attempts: 267362, correct: 155614
ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
INI Introduction to the Bioinformatics Armory 1275
DBPR Introduction to Protein Databases 809
GBK GenBank Introduction 603
FRMT Data Formats 500
MEME New Motif Discovery 165
NEED Pairwise Global Alignment 331
TFSQ FASTQ format introduction 312
PHRE Read Quality Distribution 146
PTRA Protein Translation 326
SWAT Pairwise Local Alignment 300
FILT Read Filtration by Quality 105
RVCO Complementing a Strand of DNA 273
SUBO Suboptimal Local Alignment 58
BPHR Base Quality Distribution 31
CLUS Global Multiple Alignment 30
ORFR Finding Genes with ORFs 121
BFIL Base Filtration by Quality 29