Eduardo Esteves (ReptilianEvolve)

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????️ Project management for the implementation of ERP software (Odoo), a specialist in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors at ERPGAP, assuming the role of UK Country Manager.

????????‍???? Bioinformatician, developing a LIMS tool based in Odoo (Python + HTML) to help small research labs, mixed with bioinformatics focused on visualisation and analysis of multiple data with statistical and ML approaches.

???? PhD in Biomedicine, which has given me broad expertise in saliva diagnostics, biomarkers and bioinformatics. My diverse background as a biomedical scientist has helped me learn how to manage time, people and resources in research projects. Altogether I have 8 years of human research experience. One of my great achievements was the "CoVTec in Saliva" project where the aim was to have information to produce a single test for virus and antibody detection from saliva samples.