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5 careers you can study if you like math: take note!

The mathematics is reputed to be the bete noire of many students. However, there are other students who break the topic and feel comfortable between parables, integrals, and polynomials. If this is your case, you're in luck. They kill not only is constituted as an independent science (studying math) but act as an auxiliary tool in many others. For example, racing engineering and the Economy not be possible without the existence of mathematics.

Are you good at numbers but don't know how to take advantage of this ability? Do you hesitate when choosing a career? We present 5 options (+1) with study plans full of mathematics. Remember that you can also ask the counselor at your school for advice or take various vocational guidance tests. If you want to share your experience with us, do not hesitate to leave a comment. Shake the calculators!

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5 (+1) degrees to take advantage of mathematics

  • Maths. In this case, the name does the thing. If we like mathematics, why not choose the career that is most widely dedicated to it? The degree is raised from three perspectives: social, academic, and professional. The student must develop analytical, abstraction, and logical thinking skills. At the same time, they will be able to use theoretical and practical knowledge to pose new mathematical problems. A challenge!
  • Physics. Another attractive option for lovers of numbers. The degree in Physics promotes the acquisition of practice and agility in various instrumental techniques. These techniques range from mathematical to computer methods, through experimental techniques. Keep in mind that physicists can teach math classes, for example in high schools.
  • Engineering. All engineering has a high mathematical component. So the big question is which one to choose. Computing? Industrial? Electonic? Engineering covers many different fields! For example, if you are interested in economics and marketing, you can go to Commercial Engineering. If you are more attracted to the world of construction, you can study Civil Engineering.
  • Economics or Business Administration and Management. In case you want to dedicate yourself to numbers in the field of Social Sciences, the Degree in Economics is the perfect option. Through this career, you will be able to understand how economic systems work and how to influence them. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in the business world, ADE should be your first option.
  • Geology. Students of the composition and structure of the Earth need a good basis for calculation. This career includes subspecialties such as mineralogy, sedimentology, seismology, tectonics, or volcanology.

Obviously, in this post, we have only offered a small selection. Other majors like Architecture, Chemistry or Statistics also include high doses of mathematics.


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