String Algorithms

An algorithm involving the manipulation and properties of chains of symbols.

ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
DNA Counting DNA Nucleotides 39983
RNA Transcribing DNA into RNA 35657
REVC Complementing a Strand of DNA 32261
GC Computing GC Content 18749
SUBS Finding a Motif in DNA 17018
CONS Consensus and Profile 9380
LCSM Finding a Shared Motif 6615
REVP Locating Restriction Sites 5189
SPLC RNA Splicing 5777
LEXF Enumerating k-mers Lexicographically 4838
PMCH Perfect Matchings and RNA Secondary Structures 2302
SSEQ Finding a Spliced Motif 3496
CAT Catalan Numbers and RNA Secondary Structures 956
KMER k-Mer Composition 2331
KMP Speeding Up Motif Finding 1848
LCSQ Finding a Shared Spliced Motif 1605
LEXV Ordering Strings of Varying Length Lexicographically 2593
MMCH Maximum Matchings and RNA Secondary Structures 1129
MOTZ Motzkin Numbers and RNA Secondary Structures 604
SCSP Interleaving Two Motifs 726
TRIE Introduction to Pattern Matching 932
ITWV Finding Disjoint Motifs in a Gene 298
SUFF Encoding Suffix Trees 310
LING Linguistic Complexity of a Genome 186
MREP Identifying Maximal Repeats 167
KSIM Finding All Similar Motifs 76