The mathematical study of the chance of occurrence of random events, or the chance with which a specific event will occur.

ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
IPRB Mendel's First Law 14775
IEV Calculating Expected Offspring 8493
LIA Independent Alleles 4509
PROB Introduction to Random Strings 3622
RSTR Matching Random Motifs 1474
EVAL Expected Number of Restriction Sites 1105
INDC Independent Segregation of Chromosomes 696
AFRQ Counting Disease Carriers 587
MEND Inferring Genotype from a Pedigree 269
SEXL Sex-Linked Inheritance 449
WFMD The Wright-Fisher Model of Genetic Drift 351
EBIN Wright-Fisher's Expected Behavior 293
FOUN The Founder Effect and Genetic Drift 277