A network containing a collection of nodes, pairs of which are joined by edges.

ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
DEG Degree Array 1630
DDEG Double-Degree Array 1294
BFS Breadth-First Search 765
CC Connected Components 746
BIP Testing Bipartiteness 429
DAG Testing Acyclicity 427
DIJ Dijkstra's Algorithm 414
SQ Square in a Graph 300
BF Bellman-Ford Algorithm 311
CTE Shortest Cycle Through a Given Edge 225
TS Topological Sorting 338
HDAG Hamiltonian Path in DAG 227
NWC Negative Weight Cycle 244
SCC Strongly Connected Components 239
2SAT 2-Satisfiability 138
GS General Sink 185
SC Semi-Connected Graph 181
SDAG Shortest Paths in DAG 199