Superimposing the symbols of one string over those of another (with gap symbols inserted into the strings) to represent insertions, deletions, and substitutions between the strings.

ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
HAMM Counting Point Mutations 19906
TRAN Transitions and Transversions 3134
PDST Creating a Distance Matrix 1601
EDIT Edit Distance 1138
EDTA Edit Distance Alignment 747
CTEA Counting Optimal Alignments 283
GLOB Global Alignment with Scoring Matrix 539
GCON Global Alignment with Constant Gap Penalty 342
LOCA Local Alignment with Scoring Matrix 361
MGAP Maximizing the Gap Symbols of an Optimal Alignment 186
MULT Multiple Alignment 194
GAFF Global Alignment with Scoring Matrix and Affine Gap Penalty 283
OAP Overlap Alignment 161
SMGB Semiglobal Alignment 166
LAFF Local Alignment with Affine Gap Penalty 164
OSYM Isolating Symbols in Alignments 117
NEED Pairwise Global Alignment 872
SUBO Suboptimal Local Alignment 298
CLUS Global Multiple Alignment 270