A tree modeling the evolutionary scenario deriving a collection of taxa from their proposed ancestors.

ID Title Solved By Correct Ratio
TREE Completing a Tree 2121
INOD Counting Phylogenetic Ancestors 1591
PDST Creating a Distance Matrix 1291
NWCK Distances in Trees 615
CTBL Creating a Character Table 356
NKEW Newick Format with Edge Weights 375
CSTR Creating a Character Table from Genetic Strings 226
CUNR Counting Unrooted Binary Trees 219
QRT Quartets 183
CHBP Character-Based Phylogeny 122
CNTQ Counting Quartets 128
EUBT Enumerating Unrooted Binary Trees 117
MEND Inferring Genotype from a Pedigree 199
ROOT Counting Rooted Binary Trees 193
SPTD Phylogeny Comparison with Split Distance 137
ALPH Alignment-Based Phylogeny 86
CSET Fixing an Inconsistent Character Set 101
QRTD Quartet Distance 64
RSUB Identifying Reversing Substitutions 72