DNA codon table

The DNA codon table, shown below, indicates the encoding of DNA codons into single amino acids, which are used to assemble proteins. This encoding process, is known as the genetic code.

Technically, proteins are assembled after translation of RNA, not DNA. However, because RNA is transcribed from DNA by merely replacing thymine with uracil, we can easily consolidate the two separate processes as one step of coding DNA codons into amino acids.

TTT F      CTT L      ATT I      GTT V
TTC F      CTC L      ATC I      GTC V
TTA L      CTA L      ATA I      GTA V
TTG L      CTG L      ATG M      GTG V
TCT S      CCT P      ACT T      GCT A
TCC S      CCC P      ACC T      GCC A
TCA S      CCA P      ACA T      GCA A
TCG S      CCG P      ACG T      GCG A
TAT Y      CAT H      AAT N      GAT D
TAC Y      CAC H      AAC N      GAC D
TAA Stop   CAA Q      AAA K      GAA E
TAG Stop   CAG Q      AAG K      GAG E
TGT C      CGT R      AGT S      GGT G
TGC C      CGC R      AGC S      GGC G
TGA Stop   CGA R      AGA R      GGA G
TGG W      CGG R      AGG R      GGG G