European Molecular Biology Laboratory

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory, or EMBL, is a research conglomerate that receives public funding from multiple European states. Its primary campus is in Heidelberg, and it has four satellite institutes, including EBI. The EMBL website can be found here.

EMBL also uses its own database format, which is very similar to that used by GenBank. A sequence file in EMBL format can contain several sequences. One sequence entry starts with an identifier line ("ID"), followed by further annotation lines. The start of the sequence is marked by a line starting with "SQ" and the end of the sequence is marked by two slashes ("//").

The EMBL format for an example DNA string corresponding to a human mRNA molecule is given below.

ID   AB000263 standard; RNA; PRI; 368 BP.
AC   AB000263;
DE   Homo sapiens mRNA for prepro cortistatin like peptide, complete cds.
SQ   Sequence 368 BP;
     acaagatgcc attgtccccc ggcctcctgc tgctgctgct ctccggggcc acggccaccg        60
     ctgccctgcc cctggagggt ggccccaccg gccgagacag cgagcatatg caggaagcgg       120
     caggaataag gaaaagcagc ctcctgactt tcctcgcttg gtggtttgag tggacctccc       180
     aggccagtgc cgggcccctc ataggagagg aagctcggga ggtggccagg cggcaggaag       240
     gcgcaccccc ccagcaatcc gcgcgccggg acagaatgcc ctgcaggaac ttcttctgga       300
     agaccttctc ctcctgcaaa taaaacctca cccatgaatg ctcacgcaag tttaattaca       360
     gacctgaa                                                                368