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However, not all plants have the same requirements for fertilizer. For some plants that do not like fertilizer, we should pay attention to fertilization. We should not apply too much fertilizer. We should apply thin fertilizer frequently. We can meet the needs of plants by applying more fertilizer. There are many kinds of seedlings, so the survival time is also different, but when its root system has not recovered, it must not be topdressing, otherwise it will burn seedlings.

In different growth periods, the types of fertilizer required are also different, and nitrogen fertilizer needs to be applied during growth. When the plant reaches the pregnant bud, it should be supplemented with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Each flower has different fertilizer requirements and different plant sizes, so there is no way to determine the specific amount of fertilizer. The principle of applying fertilizer thinly and frequently should be maintained in the fertilization of roses, that is, a small amount and many times.

Be sure not to apply a large amount of fertilizer to the rose because it can make its flowers more gorgeous and fragrant. Too much fertilizer will only cause problems such as what to do if the rose has rotten roots, which flower friends often ask. The concentration of organic fertilizer should not be too large. It is usually enough to grow full plants, and the potted flowers should be replaced every two years, and appropriate organic fertilizer should be added.

However, we should not refuse to apply fertilizer for fear of excessive fertilization, which will also cause the root of the rose to not absorb nutrients. If the root has no nutrients, it will not transmit nutrients to the leaves, flowers or flower buds, which will cause the leaves of the rose to turn yellow. So this can help flower friends ask how to make roses flourish.

Therefore, we must remember to apply fertilizer thinly and frequently. The growth of roses is inseparable from the three main fertilizers of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen fertilizer mainly makes the leaves of roses green and shiny, and the branches and leaves luxuriant. Phosphorus fertilizer mainly helps the formation of pregnant buds of roses and makes roses more fragrant. Phosphorus fertilizer can effectively prevent diseases and pests and promote the growth of roots and stems. And after applying organic fertilizer, do not apply any fertilizer for a month.

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In winter and early spring, large brown spots appeared on the middle and lower leaves of the plant, and the leaves became yellow and necrotic after the disease spots expanded. Purple brown spots are produced on the diseased leaves, which turn yellow and die after expansion. Vegetables are essential in our life. They have many varieties and are rich in vitamins and minerals. How good is eating them for human body. In the process of vegetable planting, scientific and effective management is necessary to improve the yield and quality of vegetables.

It should also be soaked in clean water at room temperature for about 30 hours, then taken out and wrapped with a wet towel for germination. It can germinate in about three or four days. When most of the seeds germinate, they can be sown. Reasonable thinning of flowers and fruits can speed up the expansion of high-quality fruits and improve the marketability. Timely picking off too dense flowers and fruits, diseased fruits and deformed fruits can quickly promote the full development and expansion of retained fruits.

If it is planted in winter and spring, the temperature is low during colonization, and slow seedling water can be poured after 7 days. In winter, the daily temperature should be kept at about 25 ℃, not lower than 18 ℃, and the night temperature should be about 16 ℃ and not lower than 12 ℃. The main vine of zucchini is melon, and the lateral branches should be removed as soon as possible. The leaves of Zucchini are large. The diseased leaves, yellow leaves, residual leaves and old leaves should be removed as soon as possible, which can promote ventilation and light transmission and prevent the infection of diseases.

500 grams of seeds per 667 square meters. Soak the seeds in warm water at 60-62 ℃ for 10-15 minutes, disinfect, soak the seeds for 8-10 hours, drain them, wrap them with wet gauze, and destroy the buds at 25-28 ℃ for 48 hours. After the seedling is slowed down, the air volume shall be increased. In sunny days, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 30 ℃ at noon and 15-12 ℃ at night. It can be maintained at 10 ℃ before uncovering the curtain in the morning. The temperature difference between day and night shall be increased to control the growth of aboveground parts.

Harvest the melon strips as early as possible on cloudy days to reduce the consumption of nutrition. Under the condition that the indoor temperature drop is not significantly affected, open the grass curtain as far as possible to strive for scattered light for a certain time. Italian lettuce can be planted in greenhouse and medium shed. In winter, it can be insulated by insulation quilt and covered with straw curtain. A second layer of film can also be added in the shed for insulation.

The night temperature should not be lower than 15 ℃, too low temperature will seriously affect the fruit coloring, and the fruit can not be colored normally when the shed temperature is 12 ℃ or below. Therefore, greenhouse temperature control is very important. If this link is not mastered well, there will be problems. When the main seedlings have 2-3 branches and the second batch of branch seedlings have not broken the soil, the second plastic seed trays soil cultivation shall be carried out. This soil cultivation shall be higher and the soil shall be to the stem base of the plant in the center of the border.

As ginger seedlings grow young and tender when cultivating soil, ginger roots have weak respiration intensity in deep soil, poor growth, weak plant growth, thin and long rhizomes, and the commercialization of large ginger is low. Generally, during the growth period of Hericium fruit body, we should pay attention to spray water to increase production. When the fruiting body ball is covered with prickles, the prickles are about 1cm long and white, it can be harvested.

When tomatoes are cultivated in spring, the early temperature is high and unstable. Anti falling elements can be used to dip flowers to improve the fruit setting rate. For watermelon and winter melon, we can use artificial pollination to improve pollination quality and fruit setting rate. After the seedlings grow, the demand for water decreases, but when flowering, there are certain requirements for air humidity. If the pods grow without timely replenishment of water, it will promote their early maturity.

When changing pots, I believe flower friends who have bought roses know that the roses we usually buy from the market are usually plastic flower pots, but this kind of flower pot has poor air permeability, so we need to change pots at this time. When changing pots, we should apply some compost on the nutrient soil, which can be made of granular fertilizer mixed with oil residue and bone powder. First of all, you should master the amount of water and never waterlogging.

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate fertilizer contains high content of phosphorus and potassium. After dilution, it can be sprayed or used as leaf fertilizer. It can not only ensure the growth of meat, but also make the color of leaves brighter after use. Potted succulent plants that bloom consume a lot of nutrients, not just the phosphorus fertilizer we mentioned above. Crab shell is rich in calcium, which can be made into fertilizer for raising flowers.

After soaking in clear water, dry, stir fry and disinfect for standby. The dried can also be mashed and ground into powder for use as fertilizer. You can also directly pour the ground crab shell into the water and use it for irrigation after fermentation. The fried crab shell can also be kneaded into small pieces and mashed as base fertilizer. Crab shell can be used as fertilizer. Crab shell is rich in calcium, which can be made into fertilizer to supplement nutrients for plant growth.

After the crab shell is dried, it can be placed in the water for 2 days to reduce the salt in the water, and then placed in the sun for 2 ~ 3 days(plastic nursery pots). After the crab shell is dried, it can be broken and put into the pot for frying and disinfection, so as to reduce the breeding of bacteria. The skin of the fried crab shell will become brittle. It can be placed in the garlic bowl, rolled and mashed repeatedly, ground into powder, and then put into a plastic box for storage.

The ground crab shell can be evenly sown into the soil every spring or autumn before the plant bud pregnancy period and used as fertilizer. You can also crush the crab shell into small pieces after drying, which can be used as base fertilizer. Before putting it into the basin, you can lay a layer of garden soil on the bottom of the basin, then lay a layer of crab shell and soil, and then place it in a cool place with sufficient light for drying and retting.

Soybeans should be thoroughly fermented before use, otherwise it may cause root burning. What should we pay attention to when making soybean fertilizer? When the temperature is high, the fermentation time can be more than ten days; When the temperature is low, the time will be a little longer. Because the substance in the bottle needs to be fermented, it can't be filled too full. It can be 80% or 90% full; There is no need to tighten the bottle mouth too tightly, leaving a gap. Fermented soybean water should be properly diluted when used.


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