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Essay on my village

This article is very important because in this article we are going to cover the essay in my village. This is a very important essay so there are chances that this essay may come in your examinations. So it is very important for you to read the full article. I am sure that this essay written with a help of writers from free homework answers website will definitely help you to score well in your exams.

Life in a village is very difficult than in the city. If you will go to a village then you will have to face a lot of problems like no regular electricity, junk food, etc but I request you to visit your village.

Now I know that you must be thinking that why I am saying to go to a village. The most important why you should visit a village that you can only experience the beauty of nature in the villages.

You can not experience the beauty of nature in cities because there is a lot of pollution in the cities. You will get a stress free life for some time in your village. That is why I am saying you to visit a village. In this essay on my village, I have shared the importance of villages.

I request you all the read the full essay in my village and if you found this essay to be helpful then I request you to share this essay with your friends so that they can also about the villages.

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Essay on my village My village is a very small village which is situated in Uttar Pradesh. I live in a city for my studies but I always miss the village life. There is a river on the north side of my village. The morning time was very quiet and we could hear the birds chirping. All the people in my village are very good in nature and they help each other.

Life in a village essay on my village

Life in a village is very simple and I love the simplicity of my village. The people in my village wear simple dresses and everyone wears same type of clothes. Most of the villagers in my village are farmers. Some of them work on a dairy farm.

We can always see the farmers working in their fields. They do a lot of hard work to make sure that every person in our country can fulfill his needs.

The women are also very hard working. I must say that they work hard more than men. They look after their kids and then they also help their husbands in the fields.

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They do a lot of hard work to make their life happier. The women of our village gather under the banyan trees on every Saturday. They discuss the problems of the villages and how they can solve those problems. They also discuss on the topic of social causes.

Most of the children’s in our village go to school, There parents make sure that they go to school every day. Some of the kids in our villages also help their parents in their fields.

They also do a lot of hard work at an early age. In the evening all the kids in our village play in the ground. I too played on that ground when I lived there.

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