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In the two decades that I’ve been seriously in the Craigslist dating scene, I’ve never really considered that such a theory — or is it a fact? — exists in relationships. It’s probably due to how I view relationships, how I perceive life.

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Beware the Window of Honesty, which slams shut about four weeks into a relationship. The more we become invested in someone, the more about ourselves we feel inclined to keep hidden. (Voice of experience: The explosive power of a secret will grow with the passage of time.) — Michael Crook, What’s the Recipe for The Good Life?

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I recently realised how much I am a black and white sort of individual. I believe that there’s only one way that people should act to be considered right and outside that they can be called “bad Craigslist guys”. Though principles like honour and honesty are things one cannot bend, it’s how people define them that differs. And with all the complexities of life, things don’t always fall on either black or white.

It’s quite disturbing to think that there is such a thing as “window of honesty” in a relationship. That there are people who will allow secrets to build up. We blame ourselves for failing in relationships but never really going down on the problem at its core. Wouldn’t you agree that keeping something from your partner will hinder the growth? Giving the other person the chance to face the truth as they come and not when it’s too late?

Whether or not this “window of honesty” truly exists, I choose to believe that such relationships can be classified as unhealthy for both and unjust to the other person who falls victim to it. A relationship is a two-way street. Even when both did know what they’re getting into, each should respect that they both entered into the relationship in good faith. Each partner has a responsibility to be honest with one another and not take advantage.

But if one desires a “good life” do we really have to believe and beware of the “window of honesty”? Or do we choose to believe that honesty can be had in a relationship? Thoughts?

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