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Step-by-Step Guide: Qualitative & Quantitative Research Essay

Research is the main aspect for any student who seeks to create knowledge and prove it via logical and imperial power.

Qualitative and quantitative research are the two principal schools of investigation. They are usually applied in tandem, the merits, and demerits of each are swiftly debated. Specifically, in the social sciences, the advantages of either qualitative and quantitative have clashed, with fierce prospects held on both edges of the argument.

However, both investigations methods are used according to the nature and needs of the study. To write an essay using these both schools of investigation, one must need a strong grip on research, data collection, and analysis. It also studies literature before start conducting the research. If you need any kind of help in completing your write my essay you can opt for any essay writing service which is reliable and affordable.

Many students face some sort of confusion while making decisions about what sort of research they should be choosing. You need to understand both types of research and their difference before opting for them.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is perhaps the minimal controversy of both schools. As it is gently aligned with what is considered as the classical scientific paradigm. This method of research includes collecting data that is accurate, like scientific data, appropriately it can be investigated in a neutral mode as feasible.

There are many propositions that go beside quantitative research, that helps them to promote its assumed neutrality. It comes in a research essay when you’re totally done with the accurate concept and structure of the write essay for me.

The main agenda of quantitative research is to be able to differentiate things simply. So that they can be measured systematically and scientifically. If you’re planning to go for this type of research then you should have a properly written concept of your research. You should know what you’re going to investigate and propose the assumed results.

Furthermore, to avoid any biases, there are several tools that are used to collect data. These tools are preferable machines and computers. Probably the outcomes of this research are a set of collected numbers or figures, which will result in a statistical analysis chart or table. Quantitive is perfect for investigating hypotheses and for answering systematical questions.

Qualitative Research

This type of research includes various methods of data collection such as focus group discussions, field surveys, extensive interviews and case studies. However, there are considerable differences between these techniques. It is a scientific method of investigation to collect non-numerical data.

The qualitative procedure is reliable in nature and focuses to explore the facts of the given topic that haven’t been focused before.

Field Survey/ Observation

It is helpful in creating hypothesis and theories and to collect data. It includes detailed descriptions and clarifications. It allows researchers to frame their hypothesis on the basis of the background. It helps in structuring the environment to collect data from primary sources.

Focus Group Discussions

It is a plan of action to understand the attitudes and actions of both the audience or clients. Feasible questionnaires and follow up are designed to collect data from focus groups. It also helps researchers to get a broad view of his research and to think of other perspectives as well.

Concentrated Interviews

This method is distinctive as it usually uses a dinky sample. It gives a comprehensive background of the topic and presents opinions, experiences, motivations, feelings, and recollections.

By conducting your research according to this method, you will be able to observe long-term or time-lapsed non-verbal responses and behaviours. Get your research work done from best essay writer online.

Case Study

It focuses on a particular event, individual, subject or phenomenon. It is considered one of the best methods to thoroughly investigate or study the practical and real-life issues.

Ethnographic Research

It is an exceptional and latest type of research that involves one or more of these above-given methods.

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