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Turkish Airlines Trip 1951 was additionally called a passenger trip that imploded during landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Terminal. The Netherlands, on 25 February 2009, brought about the passing of nine visitors and furthermore a group, including each of the three pilots. The airplane, a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800, imploded solidly into a field roughly 1.5 kilometers (0.9 mi) north of the Polderbaan way (18R) prior to crossing the A9 road inbound, at 09:26 UTC (10:26 CET), having flown from Istanbul, Turkey. The plane burglarized three items on influence. The disaster area didn't burst into flames.

The crash was caused principally by the plane's modernized response enacted by a damaged radio altimeter. This made the autothrottle decrease the engine's ability to sit all through the strategy. The group saw this as excessively late to make a legitimate move to support. They push and furthermore recuperate the plane before it was postponed and crashed. Boeing has issued a notification to remind pilots of each of the 737 series and BBJ airplanes of the pertinence of keeping track of velocity and altitude. Advising against making utilization of autopilot or autothrottle while touchdown in cases of radio altimeter disparities.

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