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In Obum Ukabam’s case, moving to Tulsa was a chance to make up for lost time.In 2015, Ukabam nearly died from complications related to diabetes.He’d been so focused on grinding through a grueling job that he had been unable to put down roots anywhere.He’d stopped volunteering, which had brought him great joy and purpose, years ago.I look back at those days and see that, really, I was just trying to survive, he told us.How can you help people when you just need to help yourself? Then Ukabam came across the Tulsa Remote program.It was all, ‘How are you going to make friends?!’ and ‘Be careful as a black man in Oklahoma,’  he recalled.But he was chosen in 2018 to be a member of Tulsa Remote’s inaugural class, in part because of his desire to be an active member of the community and rediscover his passion for volunteering.Ukabam looks back on his arrival in Tulsa and sees the emergence of a different version of himself.He volunteered with organizations like Teach Not Punish, 100 Black Men, and Show Me Shoes, a young women’s mentorship organization he helped launch in town.He joined Leadership Tulsa, began volunteering with the Tulsa Debate League, and secured a $40,000]( [investment]( [for]( [social]( [and]( [emotional]( [learning]( [programs]( [in]( [the]( [city.After]( [less]( [than]( [two]( [years,]( [he]( [was]( [named]( [one]( [of]( [three]( [finalists]( [for]( [the]( [Boomtown]( [Award,]( [honoring]( [Tulsa’s]( [citizen]( [of]( [the]( [year.Ukabam]( [moved]( [to]( [Tulsa]( [for]( [the]( [remote]( [program,]( [but]( [he]( [ended]( [up]( [leaving]( [his]( [remote]( [job]( [to]( [work]( [with]( [the]( [Holberton]( [School,]( [a]( [software]( [development]( [boot]( [camp]( [with]( [a]( [local]( [campus.He’s]( [acutely]( [aware]( [that]( [his]( [story]( [sounds]( [like]( [a]( [fairy]( [tale,]( [and]( [he]( [remains]( [a]( [realist]( [when]( [it]( [comes]( [to]( [the]( [potential]( [of]( [the]( [program.Moving]( [to]( [Tulsa]( [wasn’t]( [necessarily]( [easy,]( [he]( [says,]( [even]( [with]( [the]( [program’s]( [helpful]( [infrastructure.He]( [could]( [sense]( [people]( [were]( [initially]( [apprehensive]( [about]( [outsiders,]( [especially]( [given]( [the]( [highly]( [publicized]( [$10,000 stipend program.He felt he had to prove himself and earn the trust of longtime residents.It was still hard work, in other words, to put down roots.As he sees it, the $10,000]( [stipend]( [gets]( [all]( [the]( [headlines,]( [but]( [the]( [intentionality]( [and]( [infrastructure]( [of]( [a]( [municipal]( [remote]( [worker]( [program]( [is]( [the]( [real]( [investment.It]( [sort]( [of]( [reminds]( [me]( [of]( [the]( [gold]( [rush,]( [Ukabam]( [said.Places]( [like]( [Tulsa,]( [and]( [all]( [over]( [the]( [beautiful]( [Mountain]( [West,]( [they’re]( [going]( [to]( [have]( [a]( [lot]( [of]( [people]( [coming]( [in]( [search]( [of]( [a]( [better]( [quality]( [of]( [life.And]( [it]( [just]( [makes]( [sense]( [to]( [give]( [people]( [a]( [way]( [to]( [acclimate]( [to]( [the]( [city.To]( [give]( [them]( [the]( [resources]( [and]( [help]( [guide]( [and]( [shape]( [the]( [change.Because]( [they’re]( [coming.Like]( [it]( [or]( [not,]( [they’re]( [coming.We’ve]( [thought]( [about]( [this]( [a]( [lot]( [in]( [our]( [own]( [role,]( [moving]( [to]( [Missoula,]( [Montana,]( [back]( [in]( [2017]( [to]( [work]( [remotely.Buying]( [local]( [and]( [tipping]( [well,]( [that’s]( [great.So]( [is]( [taking]( [the]( [bus]( [a]( [few]( [times]( [a]( [week.Even]( [if]( [you]( [can]( [now]( [afford]( [your]( [dream]( [house,]( [a]( [city]( [where]( [housing]( [is]( [unaffordable]( [for]( [most]( [is]( [a]( [broken]( [city.Even]( [if]( [you]( [can]( [afford]( [to]( [buy]( [and]( [use]( [your]( [own]( [car,]( [a]( [city]( [where]( [transportation]( [is]( [difficult]( [for]( [many]( [is]( [a]( [broken]( [city.Even]( [if]( [you]( [have]( [a]( [backyard,]( [a]( [city]( [where]( [green]( [space]( [is]( [unsafe,]( [underfunded,]( [and]( [inaccessible]( [is]( [a]( [broken]( [city.The]( [effects]( [of]( [a]( [broken]( [or]( [breaking]( [city]( [are]( [most]( [immediately]( [felt]( [by]( [those]( [who]( [are]( [most]( [vulnerable.But]( [they]( [ripple]( [into]( [the]( [lives]( [of]( [everyone]( [who]( [lives]( [there]( [and]( [in]( [the]( [surrounding]( [area.But]( [the]( [decisions]( [we]( [make]( [moving]( [forward]( [have]( [the]( [potential]( [to]( [aggravate]( [preexisting](,-shoulda,-woulda) [problems]( [or,](!) [if]( [we]( [think](,-who-were-the-originals%3F) [expansively]( [and]( [collectively,]( [can]( [begin]( [to]( [begin]( [to]( [fix]( [them.Whether]( [you’re]( [in]( [the]( [city,]( [in]( [the]( [suburbs,]( [or]( [in]( [a]( [rural]( [area,]( [whether]( [you’ve]( [recently]( [moved]( [or]( [have]( [pledged]( [yourself]( [to]( [the]( [long]( [haul]( [where]( [you]( [are,]( [there]( [are]( [ways]( [for]( [you]( [to]( [support]( [the]( [infrastructure]( [of]( [your]( [immediate]( [and]( [extended]( [area.First]( [and]( [foremost,]( [that]( [means]( [getting]( [on]( [board]( [with]( [paying]( [for]( [civilization,]( [better]( [known]( [as]( [taxes.But]( [it]( [also]( [means]( [articulating]( [support,]( [and]( [helping]( [to]( [sway]( [public]( [opinion,]( [about]( [the]( [need]( [for]( [infrastructure,]( [even]( [if,]( [especially]( [if,]( [you]( [are]( [not]( [its]( [primary]( [beneficiary.Look]( [at]( [your]( [community]( [and]( [ask]( [yourself,]( [what]( [do]( [you,]( [as]( [a]( [relatively]( [privileged]( [knowledge]( [worker,]( [like]( [about]( [living]( [there?Maybe]( [it’s]( [the]( [schools,]( [the]( [ease]( [of]( [getting]( [from]( [one]( [place]( [to]( [another,]( [the]( [public]( [bathrooms]( [at]( [the]( [playground,]( [or]( [the]( [great]( [local]( [library.Now]( [how]( [can]( [you]( [work]( [to]( [extend]( [those]( [benefits]( [to]( [people]( [who]( [don’t]( [work]( [in]( [the]( [same]( [sort]( [of]( [job]( [as]( [you]( [do?So]( [how]( [do]( [you]( [support]( [the]( [creation]( [of]( [more]( [public,]( [affordable,]( [or]( [subsidized]( [work]( [areas]( [for]( [others?Maybe]( [you]( [live]( [in]( [a]( [neighborhood]( [within]( [walking]( [distance]( [of]( [a]( [park]( [or]( [trail.How]( [can]( [you]( [work]( [to]( [elect]( [local]( [leaders]( [and]( [support]( [initiatives]( [that]( [make]( [that]( [sort]( [of]( [access]( [a]( [priority]( [in]( [every]( [zip]( [code?Maybe]( [you’re]( [making]( [an]( [income]( [that]( [makes]( [it]( [easy]( [to]( [pay]( [your]( [rent](,-Quickly-with-Vision-Scotland) [or]( [mortgage]( [where]( [you]( [live,]( [but]( [the]( [people]( [who]( [make]( [up]( [the]( [beating]( [heart]( [of]( [your]( [community]( [can’t]( [find]( [anything]( [in]( [their]( [price]( [range.How]( [can]( [you]( [demand]( [affordable]( [housing,]( [even]( [if]( [that]( [housing]( [will]( [be]( [in]( [your]( [neighborhood?But]( [the]( [whole]( [point]( [of]( [all]( [of]( [this]( [flexible]( [work]( [is]( [to]( [cultivate]( [a]( [life]( [outside]( [our]( [offices,]( [untethered]( [from]( [our]( [laptops.Unless]( [we]( [continue]( [to]( [invest]( [in]( [the]( [world]( [outside]( [those]( [spaces,]( [what]( [is]( [any]( [of]( [all]( [this]( [ultimately]( [for?Reimagine]( [ChildcareLong]( [before]( [the]( [pandemic,]( [the]( [problem]( [with]( [childcare]( [in]( [the]( [United]( [States]( [has]( [fundamentally]( [been]( [a]( [problem](,-For-Parents-And-Staff-Through-Nursery-Management-Software) [of]( [individualism.There]( [was]( [also]( [conservative]( [concern]( [that](,-The-Cake-Will-Be-Delivered) [the]( [bill]( [was]( [an]( [overreach]( [into]( [the]( [lives]( [of]( [the]( [poor](,-Innovation,-Branding-And-A-Strong-Sense-Of-Teamwork) [and]( [that]( [its]( [primary]( [beneficiaries]( [were]( [families]( [of]( [color.The]( [coalition]( [behind]( [the]( [bill]( [dispersed,]( [and]( [feminists’]( [focus,]( [particularly]( [over]( [the]( [course]( [of]( [the]( [late]( [1970s]( [and]( [the]( [1980s,]( [was]( [more]( [on]( [getting]( [women]( [into]( [jobs]( [in]( [the]( [first]( [place]( [and]( [protecting]( [them]( [from]( [discrimination]( [once]( [there.They]( [stopped]( [fighting]( [for]( [childcare,]( [and]( [other]( [sorts]( [of]( [collective]( [issues,]( [and]( [really]( [focused]( [on]( [individual]( [professional]( [success,]( [Danziger]( [Halperin]( [told]( [us.But]( [when]( [you]( [think]( [of]( [childcare]( [as]( [a]( [personal]( [choice,]( [it]( [creates]( [all]( [of]( [these]( [new]( [inequalities.This]( [has]('t-Try-To-Manage-QMS-Alone) [been]( [a]( [problem]( [for]( [years,]( [but]( [the]( [pandemic]( [has]( [underlined]( [just]( [how]( [unsustainable]( [the]( [system]( [has]( [become.Should]( [it]( [be]( [considered,]( [first]( [and]( [foremost,]( [an]( [antipoverty]( [program?An]( [educational]( [program?A]( [program]( [for]( [mothers,]( [for]( [workers,]( [for]( [families,]( [or]( [for]( [children?So]( [here]( [are]( [your]( [options.As]( [your]( [work]( [schedule]( [becomes]( [more]( [flexible,]( [you]( [can]( [use]( [it]( [as]( [an]( [opportunity](,-traffic-&-conversions) [to]( [bend]( [yourself]( [around]( [your]( [children’s]( [care]( [schedule](,-naming,-branding,-and-marketing) [and]( [keep]( [paying](,) [as]( [much]('s-enough-to-make-a-person-want-to-give-up-without-even-trying) [as,]( [if]( [not]( [more](,-Sleep-Apnea-And-Snoring) [than,]( [before.Or]( [you]( [can]( [use]( [this](;Create-Synergy-Of-All-Digital-Marketing-Activities) [opportunity](,-More-Efficient-Living-Environment) [to]( [advocate]( [for]( [a]( [real]( [paradigm]( [shift]( [in]( [the]( [way]( [we]( [think]( [of]( [care.But]( [it’s]( [still]( [an]( [individualistic]( [solution]( [that]( [does]( [little]( [to]( [actually]( [address]( [the]( [dearth]( [of]( [affordable]( [quality]( [care]( [options.America’s]( [Childcare]( [Crisis]( [and]( [How]( [to]( [Fix]( [It,]( [put]( [it]( [to]( [us,]( [I]( [don’t]( [think]( [a]( [childcare]( [subsidy]( [of]( [even]( [$10,000 a year is enough to bring us out of this nosedive.What we need are solutions like what nearly happened back in 1971 and what’s successfully taken hold in the United Kingdom and so many other countries.We’ve been so stuck on this idea that there should be sliding scales, eligibility qualifications, or tied to work, Haspel explained.It’s been so, so destructive.We have to move away from seeing childcare as an entitlement, and toward seeing it as a public good. This scenario is only possible, of course, when and if early childhood care is robustly funded, just as public schools are, with tax dollars.That sounds like a straightforward solution, and in some ways it is.In other ways, it’s endlessly complicated.The easiest way for that to happen?Some people think it has to happen on the federal level, others on the level of the state.But as Nicole Rodgers, founder of Family Story, explains, the problem with childcare policy is that it never, ever is first. She fears that childcare reform is going to be that thing of ‘It would be nice to do this, but we’re not going to do this right now.’ 17 You have the opportunity to refuse that equivocation.Yes, these programs will cost money.But the point of this sort of spending is that the burden on your everyday life will go down.Otherwise, we cue up a nightmare scenario.Childcare becomes even more of a precious, luxury good than it already is, accessible only to the upper middle class and the truly affluent.We already see women being shoved out of the workplace in droves to provide this care, Haspel said.So we can revert back to that situation, where mothers are expected to bear the brunt of care in the home, and the cascading effects on family income and stability.But there are examples, even just in the United States, of what we could do.Two of these models require electing politicians on the state level who support this sort of change.The other required votes on the municipal level.In each, you, as a voter and/or taxpayer, have the ability to support this paradigm shift.This can’t just be about your childcare costs, or your sister’s, or your friend’s.We should support these changes because we don’t want work and parenting, no matter your occupation, to feel so impossible or like an impossible burden that’s the individual’s, alone, to bear.And all of that’s so important.You can give yourself and others in your greater community that gift, even if you will not or no longer be its primary beneficiary.You just need to refuse to shut up about it until it happens.They preferred the insecurity of getting promoted based on merit to the steady advance of seniority.For those who’d made it to the office, unions just weren’t necessary.Corporations have actively cultivated this attitude for decades.The entire field of human resources is meant to convince workers that the company has their best interests at heart.As the professor of management JoAnne Yates argues in Control Through Communication, these types of messaging have long been used to encourage feelings of family, and attendant loyalty, among workers, and you don’t form a union with your fellow siblings when you get angry with your parents.22 That’s just disrespectful.Or at least that’s been the enduring, and largely successful, messaging toward office workers.There have been pockets of organizational success, particularly government employees.But private corporations have become experts at keeping organizing efforts at bay.They just don’t think they need the protections a union can offer or are too worried about potential backlash.But that sentiment has begun to shift.Or you might be watching it gradually happen in your own office as your company opts to fill more positions with subcontractors who might be doing very similar work but for less pay and with far fewer benefits or with less security.Maybe you do feel cared for.


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