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How To Buy The Best Laser Level For Electricians

Nowadays, things have changed a lot from the old days since exhausting tasks that have to do with string lines or chalks are reduced. That is because we already have many convenient available tools such as laser levels for electricians. As their jobs require a clean and polished finishing look, where everything is made aligned and level, laser levels become an indispensable tool. Therefore, in this article today we will show you how to buy the best laser level for electricians.

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DEWALT Laser Pointer DW085K:

Talking about the most unique laser level, Dewalt Laser Pointer DW085K should definitely be listed here for having all the excellent features and functions:

- This unit is a self-level laser with accuracy up to ±1/4 inch at 100 feet.

- There is a built-in micro-adjust knob for the accurate angle and alignment.


  • Highly focused laser dots for sharp accuracy
  • Magnetic pivoting bracket for easy mounting
  • Pendulum lock system for safe transport.

Cons: The laser dots are not clearly visible outdoors.

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Johnson Level & Tool 99-027K:

Johnson Level & Tool 99-027K is the top affordable rotary laser level kit for electricians that you wouldn’t want to miss. Now we shall examine further into its specifications and features:

-  It has a pendulum locking system to protect the tool during transport.

- With this tool kit, you can have a wide range of leveling options, from a self-leveling horizontal plane to a manual-leveling vertical plane with a 90-degree split beam.

- There are also alarms, visual and audible, for out-of-level conditions.


  • Versatility with three 360-degree line laser
  • Outdoor pulse mode for enhancing the green beams
  • Durable material and compact design.

Cons: A receiver is needed for better visibility outdoors.

Huepar 3D Green Beam Self-Leveling Laser Level:

The next model comes from Huepar brand. The Huepar 3D self-leveling laser level is rated as the best cross line laser level for providing three 360-degree laser lines. Let’s see other feature of it here:

- The 2 vertical lines crossed at 90-degree will help users quickly line up the room just from one point.

- The green laser this tool projects is four times brighter than the standard red beams, and has high visibility up to 130 feet.

- Besides, there is an outdoor pulse mode to help extend the laser range up to 200 feet in outdoor projects.


  • Versatility with three 360-degree line laser
  • Outdoor pulse mode for enhancing the green beams
  • Durable material and compact design.

Cons: You will need a receiver for better visibility when working outdoors.

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Final words

All electricians are aware of the importance of having the right laser level. However, sometimes you might find it hard to get the best laser level for professional use but still stay within the budget. Now with our top picks and reviews, we hope you will be able to make a wise decision to get the right tool for your electrical work.


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