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What It Is a Knowledge

Francis Bacon’s saying “knowledge is power” has been true for ages. What exactly is knowledge? It is having the awareness of a certain situation or fact. Knowledge is an exclusive possession that can only be shared and not physically transferable. Once the knowledge is acquired, it never diminishes but in fact only increases.

Knowledge is what differentiates man from animals (Lake, 1991). Man is generally weaker than most of the animals; his eyesight cannot match that of an eagle, his strength cannot match that of a lion, and his sense of smell cannot match that of a dog. All these notwithstanding, man still stands as the most powerful creature on the face of the planet. Knowledge is power. The fact that man has continuously gained knowledge over the animal has given him the advantage of being in control (Kärreman, 2010).

Man has the capability to obtain knowledge, reserve it and share it with the coming generations. This capacity has given man the power to be in control of the forces of nature and use them to his advantage. Mankind, however, has the duty of using knowledge and power wisely. By doing so, we can be in a position to create a safer and better world than the one we are living in today. Man cannot derive his happiness from power and knowledge alone. Knowledge has not entirely been used to benefit entire human race. Individuals and nations who had acquired knowledge and power earlier than others in the past used it to enslave other people and to create national and personal empires (Mazer, 2004).

Knowledge plays a crucial part in all the domains of man’s life and activity. Knowledge is important for people to achieve their goals, it helps me as a student to write my research papers at university, etc. Knowledge is the powerful tool that helps him to acquire power and an elevated place in the society. Money and physical strength are undoubtedly devices of power. Those men who have full wallets and those who are physically strong command power over others. The power of knowledge is however still the greater than all other power. Knowledge guides the actions of man and enables him to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong (Lake, 1991).

Knowledge helps him to overwhelm his faults and weaknesses and face the challenges and dangers that come his way with confidence and courage. Knowledge enables man to have moral, spiritual and mental advancement. Through knowledge, man has been able to gain mastery over the surrounding.

In the past, only the educated men had the privilege of becoming priests. The great, knights, princes, barons and ruling kings often could not read and even write anything. They had to engage the services of priests to be their ministers. In most cases, the power ended up being in the hands of the knowledgeable priest with the king only as a nominal figure. The strong soldier, hailed highly in battle, would think he was in control but essentially the priest, with his pen, was in charge (Kärreman, 2010). Simple as it may appear, the pen was stronger than the sword.

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