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Possible Personal Essay Topics for Term Papers

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Over the course of your academic career, you will be asked to write a lot of personal papers, so some examples of possible personal essay topics can be very beneficial. In this article, from service, we are going to discuss them as they apply to term papers. Specifically, we are going to talk about why teachers and professors often assign them in a class that will include a lot of terms paper writing.

Personal essays are just that – you write about something that you have experienced. They are seen in middle school English classes, high school English classes, and a variety college and university courses rooted in literature. Clearly, personal essay topics are going to revolve around you. Sometimes teachers use this technique on the first day, or within the first week, of classes. They do it not only to get to know their students, but also to get an idea of their writing – technical skills, tone, style, etcetera. As well, especially as you advance in school, personal essays are always a way to teach you to dig down. In a descriptive term paper, especially, you have to present more than what is there. It is the one time you are really able to insert your opinion into a paper.

There are several keywords and key phrases you can use – and that your teachers and professors will give you – that set the scene for a sound personal essay. The following are just a few of them:

• “Tell about.” Example – Tell about a frightening experience you had when you were a child. How did you feel? What specifically was frightening?

• “Describe.” Example – “Describe a meaningful event in your life. Was it positive or was it negative? Why do you think it affected you so much?”

• “Relate.” Example – Relate an occasion in which you were very uncomfortable. What made you uncomfortable? How did you cope with it?

Mind you, these are just a few examples. They may seem simplistic, but in truth, participating in these exercises can help you a lot of down the line. For instance, prompts and topics like these can help you come up with term paper ideas of your own. How? Well, for starters, you will know exactly the kind of leading questions to ask yourself. You will know what kind of information your reader is looking for and how much he or she wants to know. This knowledge is fundamental in the crafting of a good term paper.

As mentioned, your teachers and professors are also gauging your term paper writing process when they read what you have written on the personal essay topics they give you. They will know your strengths and weaknesses, they will know where you need improvement, and they can thereby help you hone your craft.

One of the most common personal essay topics as it applies to college students is simply being asked how your first day at the university made you feel. The reason is obvious, but hey, it is certainly something to start thinking about now. For that matter, take these examples, take the leader phrases, and/or look up some more of your own. Start honing your craft yourself; by the time you get to writing term papers, you will leave all your classmates in the dust.


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