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enter image description here List Of the top U.S. Universities for Chinese Students

American universities remain one of the top destinations for students from China. The US allows students to interact with other learners from all over the world. Such diversity is critical in opening the minds of students to different perspectives and cultures. Chinese students wishing to study in the US should consider the following universities.

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh (CMU) is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a global research university, CMU is known for its world-class and interdisciplinary programs. While the institution does not award aid to international undergraduate students, it remains popular among those who can pay the full cost. CMU like is known for having students from different countries. This is needed to ensure students get a wider perspective of global issues.

Northeastern University Boston The Northeastern University of Boston is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The institution is popular among Chinese students in the US due to its growth rate of international students. Currently, international students constitute about 32.5% of the entire student body. Among international students, learners from China are the majority. The application process is easy for students from other countries. Chinese students get a chance to explore their potential due to the wide range of opportunities available.

Columbia University in the City of New York Columbia University was established in 1754. It is one of the largest private Ivy League universities in the US. The institution is home to a relatively large number of international students. In 2019, 1,159,798 international students came to study in the US. 11,269 of these came to Columbia University. Applications for universities that have such a high number of international students means that Chinese students have higher chances of securing admission.

University of Southern California University of Southern California (USC) is located in Los Angeles, California. It is a private university and remains one of the leading institutions in research. USC allows international learners to apply for admissions. Many Chinese students have secured admission in the institution, making it a popular destination for students from the country. At USC, Chinese learners will receive world-class learning that will enable them to get jobs in other parts of the world. With the institution accepting a large number of international students, Chinese learners have a higher chance of qualifying for some of the popular degrees.

New York University New York New York University New York (NYU) is a private university established in 1831 in New York. Chinese students in America find NYU a suitable place to do their courses. Students from China constitute 5,632 of the international student body. With such a large number already admitted, the university continues to increase its admission for students from other countries, especially from China. Applying to NYU increases the chances of admission and studying in the US and pursuing the degree of choice. Conclusively, studying in the US is a dream come true for a majority of students in China. The highlighted universities have been critical in the increase of Chinese students in the US. Since studying abroad is a tedious process, students do not need to worry about the specific institutions since this has been made easy. Choosing any of the universities will allow Chinese learners to join world-class institutions hence opening their minds to greater possibilities.


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