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Major Differences between a Narrative & a Personal Narrative Essay

Narrative and personal narrative essays are two genres that provide an opportunity for the writer to write about custom writing. Yet they are different in many ways, a narrative essay focuses on the elements of the story in order to bring the overall experience to life. Whereas a personal narrative deals with reflection and personal growth. It focuses on the specific life events of a person in a narrative style. The main focus of a personal narrative is to narrate your life events and experience in a clear and descriptive way.

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On the other hand, a narrative essay often encompasses a wide array of topics from different spheres of life. Refer to the following section for understanding the key differences. You can also get help from an essay writer to compose a perfect essay. All you have to do is contact an cheap essay writing service online. 

Reflection and experiences

Although both the genres require critical reflection over past experiences yet personal narrative chiefly focuses on the inward reflection about oneself. This encompasses the skills, abilities, personal growth, or lessons you have learned in life. For example, a personal essay about a Boy Scout leader might center on the experiences you went through and how that helped shape your personality, and in contrast, a narrative essay may talk about places, people, and ideas and the way you view the world around you. Since a personal essay is about the experiences you have been through in life, so if you ask for help from a professional best essay writing service, you would definitely get the best help for your narrative essay.

The focus of the story

As the names suggest a narrative essay is a story-oriented essay that talks about a particular experience. Using the elements of the story characterization, plot, setting, and description.  In fact, you recreate the experience for the readers in a more sophisticated and dramatic way that appeals to their emotions and grab their attention. For example, as a Boy Scout, your story would be in a setting and you would define the relationship of you with other children portraying them as characters in the story. On the other hand, a personal narrative is built upon the most significant details and the emphasis rests on the reflective elements.  


Both essays are composed of different purposes and contexts. A personal narrative is often a requirement of college admissions, academic papers, and scholarships where you are asked to narrate a life experience that has helped you overcome a situation or face a challenge. Some applications ask for activities or books that have changed you. Whereas narrative essays are mainly a creative activity for composition class assignments.

These are written for entertainment and self-expression rather than for the evaluation of character. In the case of a personal narrative essay, it is highly advisable not to ask someone for academic excellence, as they do not know about your life experiences the way you know by yourself.


The focus of both essays is on different actions.  In a personal narrative, the actions concern you as to how you responded to a situation, the decisions you took, and the effect of those actions on your life. As a Boy Scout leader, your actions might be as an organizer, planner, and leader in the camp. On the other hand, a narrative essay might include the behavior of all the other team members rather than the individual you. It would focus on the actions that were collective rather than essay writer services.

Moreover, in a personal narrative mostly first-person point of view is used to narrative experiences and events whereas in narrative essay both first and third-person point of view is used. A personal narrative is chronological and logical in nature and a narrative essay often does not account for the chronology and time factor. Another difference between a personal narrative and a narrative essay is that a narrative essay often contains a proper plot, characters, setting, and sometimes dialogues whereas a personal narrative revolves around TheEssayWritingService and does not contain dialogues. Simply put, a personal narrative essay talks about the experiences of a single person whereas a narrative essay talks about a story.


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