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2021 – 2023 St. Petersburg, Russia Master's degree

St. Petersburg State Academic University. Zhores Ivanovich Alferov of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPBAU RAS) Master's degree in physics, profile of nanobiotechnology.

MSc thesis: Identification of new BRICHOS antimicrobial peptides in genomic data and their structural and functional studies. Supervisor: Eliseev Igor Evgenievich.

2016 – 2020 St. Petersburg, Russia Bachelor's degree St. Petersburg State Agrarian University (SPBGAU). Bachelor's degree in agrochemistry and agrosoil science, profile agrochemistry and soil science.

BSc Thesis: The effect of bacterial preparations on the biological activity of soddy-podzolic soil and the yield of oats in the conditions of the Leningrad Region. Supervisor: Gamzaeva Rufina Sidmetovna.

2022 – present St. Petersburg, Russia Laboratory researcher

Renewable energy laboratory of SPBAU RAS Responsibilities: Cultivation of bacteria in culture media, isolation and purification of plasmids, induction of bacteria, isolation and chromatographic purification of proteins from bacteria, bioinformatic analysis of RNAseq using Python/R/Linux and visualization of proteins in PyMol and molecular docking in AlfaFold2. Scientific adviser: Eliseev Igor Evgenievich.

2021 – 2021 St. Petersburg, Russia Internship

Institute of Experimental Medicine of the National Medical Research Center. V. A. Almazova two-month internship.

Responsibilities: Isolation of DNA from human blood, DNA purification, PCR reaction, gel electrophoresis, work with Sanger sequencing data.

2017 – 2019 St. Petersburg, Russia Laboratory researcher

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Microbiology Responsibilities: scientific work, chemical analysis of plants, presentations and trips to conferences, preparation of reagents, writing articles. Scientific adviser: Yakobi Lidia Mikhailovna

Bioinformatics: Python3, R, Linux/Bash, AlphaFold, PyMol

Genetic Engineer: development and production of genetically engineered constructs, mastery of the basic methods of cloning, de novo genetic sequence synthesis, knowledge of SnapGene, UGENE

Molecular biology: DNA extractions, HPLC, PAGE gels, Cell culture, Reaction of restriction

2022 Presidential Scholarship for Young Scientists

"Talent and Success" Foundation Persons who have shown outstanding abilities and have shown high achievements in a particular field of activity

2022 St. Petersburg Government Scholarship

Competition for the right to receive nominal scholarships of the Government of St. Petersburg for students of educational institutions of higher education

2019 Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Responsibilities: writing an article, making presentations, chemical analysis of plants Participant


Dynamics of activity of urease and rhizosphere microflora in otogeny against the background of the use of biological products GAMZAEVA R.S., BASHARINA M.V., SMETANIN R.V. DOI: 10.31857/S0026364820030125


Study of the structural and functional organization of arbuscular mycorrhiza in the original and mutant lines of hop alfalfa (medicago lupulina) with different methods of inoculation with the fungus rhizophagus irregularis ZHELEZNYAKOV S.V., LEBEDEVA V.K., SMETANIN R.V., JAKOBI L.M. eLIBRARY ID:


Study of the induced mutant of hop alfalfa (medicagolupulinal. subsp. vulgariskoch) by symbiotic traits during the formation of mycorrhizal symbiosis L. M. JACOBI, S. V. ZHELEZNYAKOV, R. V. SMETANIN, V. K. LEBEDEVA, and A. P. KOZHEMYAKOV, eLIBRARY ID: