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Essay on "Hate"

Hate is a very strong negative feeling that usually arises in response to an insult or betrayal. However, sometimes people hate others for nothing. Because they are more successful and have achieved more in life than they have.

Whatever the reasons for hatred, one thing is clear: it requires a lot of energy. To truly hate someone, you have to put your whole soul into it. Of course, you can visit if you want to have more free time without homework.

Sometimes hatred burns people up so much that they begin to think of a plan of revenge or to make trouble for their "victim" day after day. And it takes all their energy, which results in inner devastation and disappointment. Use website to avoid problems with essays.

Hatred literally poisons the soul and ruins all the good that is in man. It makes us do stupid and ill-considered things which are very shameful later.

So why do people hate each other? Why is it so hard for them to forgive their abuser or to stop envying those around them? It seems to me that the reasons for this feeling lie within a person, in his/her dissatisfaction with himself/herself.

Someone who hates another person simply does not love or respect himself. He is incapable of rising to a higher level and dealing with his feelings, of being above it. Many also deliberately choose hatred and make it the meaning of their lives. Professors can do my paper to make your homework essay.

I feel sorry for such people, for they lose a lot. Instead of enjoying every day and enjoying the company of their friends and loved ones, they are wasting time and destroying themselves.

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