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The life of Isaac Teu continues. Just had this random thought about my under 12‘s grand final. I remember my Harboard devils team was in the B grade grand final. We were versing Belrose who we always had a good run in with.

Their best players name was Tommy and he was a prop. Because he was a forward he would touch the ball often which was a problem for us because he was so intimidating. That morning I specifically remember having Weet-Bix for breakfast as I had read somewhere how important it was before you start your day. It’s funny how the smallest things stick with you when you’re a kid.

Now at school I was always a good player but not a great player however I always thought I was better than I really was. I mention this because the football coach for school was there watching our grand final on Saturday. So there was even more pressure. In this Harbord team I was probably one of the top half of the better players but I tell you because of those Weet-Bix I ended up scoring the winning try. The craziest part of all of this is that because I scored the winning try and played a good game in the under Twelves to this very day I would eat Weet-Bix for breakfast before any big games. I even got so superstitious that whenever I played a good game I would wear the exact same undies and boots. Manpower life it can be weird for superstitious people. ha ha ha.


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