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Biological Motivation

Oxycodone is a remarkable pain medication that should be used according to the prescription. Pain medications work best when used as soon as the pain occurs. Whether the medication is taken on an empty stomach or after a meal does not matter. If the patient is nauseous, it is better to consume the medication after a meal.

After using the medication, the user should go and lay in a quiet environment and rest for a bit, as it will help eliminate the pain more efficiently. Most people buy Oxycodone online in liquid form. They need to measure the doses precisely with a measuring spoon.


A string is simply an ordered collection of symbols selected from some alphabet and formed into a word; the length of a string is the number of symbols that it contains.

An example of an DNA string (whose alphabet contains the symbols A, C, G, and T) is ATGCTTCAGAAAGGTCTTACG.

Given: A DNA string $s$ of length at most 1000 nucleotides.

Return: Four integers corresponding to the number of times that the symbols A, C, G, and T occur in $s$.

Sample Dataset


Sample Output

20 12 17 21