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Protein Motifs

Oct. 11, 2012, 12:48 p.m. by Mike Rayko


Searching for the some special motifs from the list in given protein sequence. For example, one of the zinc fingers (DNA-bindig region) X2-Cys-X2,4-Cys-X12-His-X3,4,5-His

Or the N-glycosylation site - Asn{Pro}[SerThr]{Pro} where {X} means any amino acid except X; and [XY] means either X or Y. (That is Asn, followed by anything but Pro, followed by either Ser or Thr, followed by anything but Pro)

Given: Aminoacid sequence or the NCBI database accession number ( of the protein containing target motif

Return: Number(s) of amino acid where the motif begins