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Bob Watson Service Centre has a team of certified mechanics who can handle the all car service & repairs and maintenance of your exhaust system. We are equipped with the state of the art equipment and complete training to properly service exhaust systems on vehicles of both foreign and domestic makes.

In order to have peace of mind, it is important to get a regular car service. The benefits of air conditioning system in a vehicle are not confined to summer only as it is useful in getting rid of fog on windscreen during winter. When the air conditioning system is not working properly, it would be wise to take it for a service and let the experts get an evaluation of the underlying issue. Humidity is a common issue and an air conditioner can play a vital role in providing a comfortable journey especially if the commute involves several hours it would be wise to take the car for repair as soon as possible. Apart from that, it would be wise to get regular car services in order to keep the car in working condition. Taking care of the car is the utmost priority for some people.

Bob Watsons’ aircon regas & repairs can be your one-stop solution if you are residing in Hawthorn East & surrounding suburbs looking for car services. We offer car service, log book services, mechanical repairs, mechanics, car exhaust repairs and so much more


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