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National security can refer both to how a country protects itself from outside threats posed by other countries and armies as well as to how it protects itself from threats facing all countries such as disease, hunger, overpopulation, illegal migration and economic instability. All of these issues can be elaborated upon in national security essays. Preparedness for terrorist attacks, in particular, is a subject that should be discussed in national security essays. Just as essays on weapons of mass destruction, essays on illegal immigration and essays on terrorism, are concerned with threats to the security of a country and how to guard against those threats, so are national security essays.

National security essays should begin by explaining that all countries use whatever economic, political, and military means are at their disposal to maintain their national security. While some countries are more powerful than others, every country strives to defend itself. Different countries follow and have followed different doctrines or policies to defend themselves. The Monroe Doctrine, for example, is a policy that prohibited European countries from intervening in the concerns and affairs of the self-governing state of America. National security essays can also look at the conflict that sometimes arises between national security and human rights. Some countries impose severe limitations on the basic freedoms and rights of their citizens in the name of national security. Rights guaranteed to US citizens under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution are denied to citizens in many countries. On the other hand, critics of the USA Patriot Act argue that this Act denies American citizens some of their civil rights. Examples of this conflict should be described and analyzed in national security essays. National security essays should also describe some of the methods governments use to maintain national security. Maintaining viable armed forces, making use of intelligence agencies and services, and implementing anti-terrorism strategies are all critical to national security efforts. These methods and their effectiveness should also be discussed in national security essays.

Writing an essay on national security is a great opportunity to learn about the issues, conflicts, benefits, controversies, costs etc., of national security You can gather a great deal of information on this topic by reading the sources suggested on the site. You can also learn about the topic by reading examples of national security essays. The research and ideas on the topic that you gather will help you write a more informed essay.


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