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When game drives, dinners cruise, and hot air balloon rides were a privilege for the rich, AjKenyaSafaris.com came up with an affordable way to enjoy all that without spending much. We are one of the pioneer operators that customize your safari to meet your budget and needs.

What that means is that you can rest assured of getting a package that can meet your budget, whether you are wealthy or not. We prioritize your pleasure to allow you to see all the wonders of the world, including the most thrilling Wildebeest Migration.

One thing that makes us unique is the professional team we have that serves you to guarantee a successful adventure. From our office team to the ground guides, we only have qualified people who know every hiding spot of the elusive leopards and rare animals. We are partners with MasaiMaraSafari.in, a brand that provides you with all the information and packages you would need to visit Mara.

WHY BOOK WITH US We have completed more than 1,000 safaris to various parts of Africa, and all have been successful with our clients rating us highly. We aim to continue with the same excellent service as we expand to other parts of the world. Our team provides you with a creative itinerary with colorful pictures to ensure that you have a clear image of what you will experience when you come. We give you an itinerary that covers all your tracks from the moment you land at the airport.


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