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What Music Taught Me About Writing I was sitting down the other day listening to the great music producer, Rodney Jerkins, and I could not help but be amazed at his level of discipline, dedication to the craft, and his attitude towards music in general. And that’s when it hit me. Great music producers are very similar to great writers. You see, for Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, music had always been a part of his life at a very young age. He loved growing up in a hip hop environment and listened to just about any kind of music. He was a music explorer way before he joined the music world. Read a Variety of Work As a writer, it is no different. Reading a variety of pieces from a diverse range of writers on grab my essay review can help you develop the overall liking and knowledge of writing. Like Jerkins, you may very likely come to write on different genres and if you have not exposed yourself to a wide variety of works, you may come short when that time arrives. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Something if its Wrong We all want to be accepted, to blend, to be part of the crowd, and hence the problem. Trying to be like the “rest” will rarely get you into unexplored territories and very likely limits your creativity. For Darkchild, this meant exploring the different types of music from different parts of the world and different genres and coming up with his own style some of which became hits. ________ “With the Internet, you can pretty much put stuff online and if it catches heat, they will discover you.” ~ Darkchild ____ Your writing does not have to be limited to the conventional style of writing. Conventional is boring and predictable. Even when conventional writing styles are employed at paperhelpwriting reviews, injecting some new flavor into your work, similar to adding a foreign beat to a song, can make a huge difference into how you perceive your work. Learn the Craft According to Darkchild, despite the changes in the music industry, technology and stuff, a great piece of music will always remain the one thing that will catapult an album to success. Learning how to create great music is at the heart of producing.

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For writers, the single most important thing to focus on, especially when one is starting out, is to learn the craft of writing inside and out. There is no shortcut to writing great content and it all starts with learning how to do it better and better every day. For Rodney, it sometimes meant spending weeks in the studio, even sleeping there. A lot of the successful bloggers and writers have repeated the same thing. For Chris Brogan, the secret to success in writing has always been to write, write, and write some more. Stephen King is no different and he encourages his listeners to keep writing in order to get better at it. Conclusion Music is an art, but in order to become good at it, you need to practice it until you get it. Great musicians have spent years, and sometimes decades, doing what they do. It does not happen overnight and the success is slow to come. Writing is no different. It requires patience, dedication, and discipline. It requires learning the craft, being dedicated to the craft, and having the discipline to practice it at all times. This is what makes a great writer. Useful information: • Which Platform is RightLocal Consumer ConversionHow Can You Optimize Your Images for Search?Would you like your marketing content to generate more leads and sales?

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