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React Native best pick for your business 2021:

April 7, 2021, 3:11 p.m. by Domaincer

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In 2021, the world is moving into digital every way It could make it possible. The main question comes when developing web or mobile apps, and should support scalability in the near future?

This is why react native is the best option. React native is the trending and most popular cross-platform mobile and web app development framework, with 42% of global developers worldwide use this framework. React native is the best option for constructing a scalable web or mobile app for your business. One of the important key things to look at when choosing a framework of your web app or web development is its overall performance.

Here are the top 5 factors that any business should consider when choosing an Ideal framework UI/UX Time to market Cost of development Availability of developer contribution Ease of maintenance & Upgrade.

React native hold the top position when considering all the above factors, and it maximises the overall performance of the cross-platform apps and web development for your business.

Besides Facebook, many big companies like Airbnb, Instagram, Walmart, Uber etc., are using react-native in their web and mobile apps.

Let’s see how the react maximise the overall performance of the web development for your business?

Flexibility: The key features of React JS is that it is very flexible. It is excellent compatibility with other frameworks and languages. This allows you to integrate tons of resources to boost performance while adding functionalities to your mobile app or web development. Stop Unnecessary Renderings: One of the main advantages of React JS is they offer methods like classes and components update like pure components to improve your react website’s performance by reducing unnecessary rendering. Improve the Loading Time: Loading time and speed is the key feature in defining your website’s user experience or mobile application, whereas the search engine favours the speedy load time.

React many startups adopt native, scaling businesses and large enterprises as their web and mobile app development framework. If you look at post-development maintenance and upgradability

React JS uses are: business website, Mobile application, e-learning sites, job portals, directories, blogs and forums. As such, React Native becomes a safe tool for your business.

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A string is simply an ordered collection of symbols selected from some alphabet and formed into a word; the length of a string is the number of symbols that it contains.

An example of an DNA string (whose alphabet contains the symbols A, C, G, and T) is ATGCTTCAGAAAGGTCTTACG.

Given: A DNA string $s$ of length at most 1000 nucleotides.

Return: Four integers corresponding to the number of times that the symbols A, C, G, and T occur in $s$.

Sample Dataset


Sample Output

20 12 17 21